Effects of rearing water and tank on larval survival rate of white-striped cleaner shrimp Lysmata amboinensis
Luc Minh Diep, Phung The Trung, Vu Dinh Chien

 Role of antibiotics in chilled storage of sperm in grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella)
Le Minh Hoang, Dinh Van Khuong

 Effects of feeding rate on density, biomass and protein compositions of oligochaete (Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri Claparede, 1862)
Truong Thi Bich Hong, Nguyen Dinh Mao, Le Minh Hoang

 Fish oil extraction from yellowfin tuna heads by enzymatic hydrolysis method
Nguyen Thi My Huong, Bui Truong Bich Ngan

 Larviculture of slipper lobsters in the genus Ibacus and Thenus: a review
Kaori Wakabayashi

 Voluntary feed intake and transition of ingesta in the gastrointestinal tract of juvenile cobia (Rachycentron canadum) fed different diets
Nguyen Van Minh, M. Espe, Pham Duc Hung,
Pham Thi Anh, Ivar Rønnestad

 Protect and enhance the resources by using artifi cial reef at coastal areas in central of Vietnam
Pham Viet Tich, Tran Duc Phu, Nguyen Trong Luong, Tran Van Hao

 Assessing on coastal fi shing activities and marine resources in Tuy An district, Phu Yenprovince
Tran Duc Phu, To Van Phuong

 Selenium defi ciency, toxicity and its requirement in marine fish: A research review
Pham Duc Hung

 Photoperiod manipulation in the induced breeding of the rabbit fish (Siganus guttatus)
Pham Quoc Hung, Hua Thi Ngoc Dung, Augustine Arukwe

 Impact of trawling speed on vertical opening of trawl net by modelling method
Nguyen Huu Thanh

 Can aqui-s help as an aneasthetic in long-distance live transportation of spiny lobsters (Panulirus ornatus and P. homarus)?
Le Anh Tuan, Tran Bao Chan

 Research on the fi tness between the mesh size and the length of threadfin bream (Nemipterus sp.) in stow net fishery
Nguyen Trong Luong, Vu Ke Nghiep

 Effect of stocking density on performance of goldlined rabbitfish Siganus lineatus and the environmental quality in a closed culture system
Luong Cong Trung